Trustee Professorship

Authorization for the Creation of a Trustee Professorship

May 4, 2001

WHEREAS, there is a need for a titled professorship for the highest-level administrators who return to teaching;

AND WHEREAS, this position would recognize contributions to the University and provide an appropriate position and title when these individuals return to faculty status;

NOW, THEREFORE IT BE RESOLVED that the Board of Trustees create a Trustee Professorship, and direct the President of the University to develop terms and provisions related to the position. Said provisions from time to time.

Provisions of the Trustee Professorship

  1. The President of the University or the Trustees may initiate recommendations for Trustee Professorships.
  2. Trustee Professorships require the approval of the Board of Trustees.
  3. Trustee Professorships are University-wide positions.
  4. Trustee Professorships are for a five-year renewable term. The Trustees retain the authority to rescind this title and its privileges at any time.
  5. Trustee Professors are to be engaged in teaching and research. Trustee Professors are expected to engage in some teaching for each semester in residence. With the concurrence of the appropriate dean, Trustee Professors may teach in departments, schools or campuses other than their home departments, schools and campuses.
  6. Trustee Professors shall also undertake special assignments, as identified by the President of the University or by the Trustees. Such special assignments might include chairing a high-level search committee or assisting the Indiana University Foundation in a specific fund-raising effort.
  7. Trustee Professors shall receive a supplement of $25,000 per year in addition to their academic salary, if any, with the final amount to be determined by the Trustees. This supplement will be provided only when it is consistent with the 18/20 Retirement Plan.

Unanimously approved on motion duly made and seconded.

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