Meeting Schedule & Future Dates

Board meeting calendars and schedules

Board meetings are scheduled three years in advance. At the annual organizational meeting in August, the secretary of the board presents a new calendar for trustee approval. At that time the board may confirm or modify the meeting calendar for the current calendar year.

Once a calendar is submitted and approved, every effort is made to adhere to the dates. Occasionally, however, board meetings must be shifted to accommodate unexpected complications. When that happens, every effort is made to notify all interested parties well in advance.

Meeting dates are posted on this page. The schedule for the upcoming meeting is usually posted two to three weeks in advance.

Next Board of Trustees meeting schedule

October 3-4, 2019

The next regular meeting of the IU Board of Trustees will take place October 3-4 in the ballroom of University Tower at IUPUI.

The schedule for the meeting of the Board of Trustees will be available late September.

Meeting calendar


Meeting datesDaysLocation
August 8-9, 2019Thursday–FridayIU Bloomington
October 3-4, 2019Thursday–FridayIUPUI
December 5-6, 2019Thursday-FridayIU East
February 13-14, 2020Thursday–FridayIUPUI
April 9-10, 2020Thursday–FridayIU South Bend
June 11-12, 2020Thursday–FridayIU Bloomington


Meeting datesDaysLocation
August 13-14, 2020Thursday–FridayIU Bloomington
October 1-2, 2020Thursday–FridayIUPUI
December 3-4, 2020Thursday–FridayIU Southeast
February 4-5, 2021Thursday–FridayIUPUI
April 8-9, 2021Thursday–FridayIU Northwest
Tuition ForumTBDIUPUI
June 10-11, 2021Thursday–FridayIU Bloomington


Meeting datesDaysLocation
August 12-13, 2021Thursday–FridayIU Bloomington
October 7-8, 2021Thursday–FridayIUPUI
December 2-3, 2021Thursday–FridayIU Kokomo
February 2-3, 2022Thursday–FridayIUPUI
April 7-8, 2022Thursday–FridayIU Bloomington
June 9-10, 2022Thursday–FridayIU Ft. Wayne

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