Former Student Trustees

Chronological listing of student trustees

The first full-time student trustee was appointed in 1975. A student has been a member of the board each year since.

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NumberTrustee nameDates of serviceStatus/programCampus
1Leslie C. ShivelyJan. 1, 1976–Jun. 30, 1977Senior in accounting at time of appointment
2James W. Wolfe1977–79Graduate student, School of Business
3William H. Mohr1979–81School of Medicine
4James W. Gray1981–83School of Law
5John R. Talley1983–85School of LawIUPUI
6Thomas R. Haley1985–87School of LawIUPUI
7Joseph R. Motherwell1987–89School of LawIUPUI
8Susanne P. Bair1989–91Doctoral candidate, HPER
9Eric A. Todd1991–93School of LawIU Bloomington
10J Thomas Forbes1993–95Graduate student, Public Administration and Philanthropic Studies
11Frank D. Otte1995–97School of LawIU Bloomington
12Rose E. Gallagher1997–99School of LawIU Bloomington
13Dean A. Hertzler II1999–2001Undergraduate, School of ScienceIUPUI
14Sacha I. Wilsey Urban2001–03Graduate student, SPEAIU Bloomington
15Erin Haag Breese2003–05M.D./Ph.D. studentIUPUI
16Casey Cox2005–07School of LawIU Bloomington
17Arthur D. King2007–09Undergraduate, Kelley School of BusinessIU Bloomington
18Abbey R. Stemler2009–11M.B.A./J.D. studentIU Bloomington
19Cora J. Griffin2011–13M.P.A./J.D. studentIUPUI
20Janice L. Farlow2013–15M.D./Ph.D. studentIUPUI
21Anna M. Williams2015–17M.P.A./M.S. studentIU Bloomington