How to Apply

Interested in applying to be a student trustee?

If you’re a full-time undergraduate or graduate Indiana University student at any IU campus—even a nonresident or international student—you’re eligible to apply for the student trustee position on the IU Board of Trustees.

What’s required

You must maintain full-time student status during the position’s two-year tenure.

You must be able to confirm that you’ll have sufficient time to take on the responsibilities of serving on the board, with no negative impact on your academic career.

If you’re an undergraduate who anticipates receiving your degree during your term, you must be able to document serious intent to attend graduate school, such as:

  • Copies of formal applications
  • Proof of completion of required exams, such as the GRE
  • Letter of intent
  • Letter of acceptance into a program

How to apply

You’ll need to prepare several short personal statements, your current resume, and at least one letter of recommendation. Be sure to give yourself enough time to gather all your documents and information by the deadline.

When the application process begins, the application will be available online. You can also apply by mail. To request a paper version of the application, contact the board.

When to apply to be a student trustee

The deadline for applying for the student trustee position for the 2023-2025 term has passed. The next opportunity for applying for student trustee position will be for the 2025-2027 term which will open in September 2024.

How the selection process works

  1. Interested students submit applications during the semester prior to an open term.
  2. The Student Trustee Search and Screen Committee selects applicants to interview.
  3. Selected student trustee candidates are invited for interviews with the committee, which take place in the spring before the term begins. Interviews are mandatory for consideration. A candidate who misses their interview will not have another opportunity to meet with the search committee.
  4. After the interviews, in accordance with state law, the search committee forwards 10 candidate names to the governor of Indiana.
  5. The governor of Indiana appoints the student trustee.

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