Student Welfare

Indiana University’s Commitment to Student Welfare

To address the unacceptable incidence of sexual assault and similar crimes on U.S. college campuses, Indiana University is committed—

  • To take vigorous steps to prevent sexual assault and similar crimes through education and training, including education on the effects of alcohol on the issue of consent;
  • To help build in our community a robust culture that rejects such conduct and associated behaviors;
  • To encourage bystanders to intervene to avoid a sexual assault from occurring or to report such crimes to university officials or local authorities, and to fully account for such reports under federal law;
  • To support victims with full information about available resources, to assist victims in accessing resources, and at all times to exhibit personal care and concern to victims;
  • To investigate thoroughly and objectively all reports of sexual assault and other crimes, and to cooperate fully with local law enforcement and prosecutors;
  • To conduct university proceedings arising from sexual assault and other crimes with the highest degree of professionalism, assuring fairness and dignity to all participants.

Action Item: Approval is requested for the adoption of the Indiana University’s Commitment to Student Welfare statement.

Unanimously approved on a motion duly made and seconded.