Police Jurisdiction

IU Police Jurisdiction

WHEREAS, Indiana University employs uniformed police officers certified by the State of Indiana as having the same qualifications as municipal or state law enforcement officers; and

WHEREAS, Indiana Code 21-39-4-6(a)(1) establishes a primary jurisdiction for Indiana University police officers as the physical property of Indiana University campuses and extending to include the streets passing through and adjacent to Indiana University property; and

WHEREAS, Indiana Code 21-39-4-6(a)(2)(A) requires a resolution of the Indiana University Board of Trustees to define the geographic region by describing the jurisdiction of Indiana University police officers; and

WHEREAS, criminal actions do occasionally originate from, or migrate to, or in some other way directly or tangentially impact the safety of Indiana University campuses, and in some occasions time sensitive investigations by Indiana University police officers require that they pursue investigations beyond the primary jurisdiction as assigned by the cited Indiana Code; and

WHEREAS, Indiana University police officers may be asked from time to time to provide escort to groups or individuals associated with Indiana University traveling within the State of Indiana; and

WHEREAS, local and other state law enforcement agencies may at times call on Indiana University police for assistance in their law enforcement activities, and Indiana University police may call on local or other Indiana law enforcement agencies for similar assistance; then

Let it be resolved that

Indiana University police officers who have been certified by the State of Indiana as required by Indiana Code 21-39-4-6(a)(2) may exercise police powers within the borders of the State of Indiana, if exercising those police powers are necessary to 1) eliminate or minimize an immediate threat to the safety and security of an IU campus, 2) eliminate or minimize an immediate threat to the safety and security of the general public, 3) pursue an investigation or apprehend suspects whose alleged crimes were committed within the primary jurisdiction as defined by the cited Indiana Code, 4) provide security or ceremonial escort to IU entities while traveling, or 5) satisfy a request by a local or state law enforcement agency to assist in a specific law enforcement activity.

Pursuant to this resolution,

To ensure that officers from the Indiana University Police Department are easily recognizable as such outside of the primary jurisdiction, the Indiana University Director of Public Safety will ensure that all members of the Indiana University Police Department adhere to a common uniform standard, and that police vehicles display a standard marking scheme.

The Indiana University Director of Public Safety will be responsible for ensuring that all reporting obligations outlined by Indiana Code 21-39-4-6(a)(2)(B) are satisfied.

Indiana University campus police chiefs will ensure that all officers under their command are aware of the incident-specific reporting requirements, per Indiana Code 21-39-4-6(b).

Approved October 14, 2011

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