Integrated Image Strategy

Endorsing a University-Wide Integrated Image Strategy

June 9, 2006

WHEREAS, the Indiana University identity is a substantial institutional asset that can enhance the institution’s ability to attract faculty, students, and staff; generate revenue; attract grants; engage alumni; and garner external support, and

WHEREAS, Indiana University is comprised of an array of component parts that share common goals but are also distinctive from one another, and

WHEREAS, the depiction and use of the Indiana University identity across its component parts has become inconsistent while at the same time the communications environment in which the university engages has become increasingly cluttered and fragmented, causing confusion among constituents and escalating distribution costs, and

WHEREAS, effective and efficient communication between the University and its audiences require

  • A clear graphic architecture and nomenclature that build equity in the Indiana University name, clarify organizational relationships, and maintain unit distinctiveness
  • A University Administration office that is the central point for managing and enhancing the University’s identity
  • Clear guidelines that offer communicators tools to express their unit’s relationship to the University, as well as their unit’s distinct personality (within established guidelines)
  • Policies that empower the University Administration office charged with managing and enhancing the University’s identity with authority to ensure adherence at all levels of the University

Now therefore be it resolved that the Board of Trustees endorses the proposed university-wide integrated image strategy including the development of university-wide policies that facilitate the internal management of the University’s image, development of identity tools, and oversight and enforcement at all campuses, schools, and units.

Unanimously approved on a motion duly made and seconded.

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