Indiana University Hospitals

November 6, 1987

WHEREAS, This Board is charged by statute to be the governing board of the Indiana University Hospitals;

WHEREAS, The Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Hospitals requires that the governing board of each accredited hospital in this country be knowledgeable and active in the supervision and governance of the hospital under its responsibility;

WHEREAS, One of the committees of this Board is a Hospital Committee composed of persons with special interests and experiences, selected and appointed by the president of this Board;

WHEREAS, This Board has determined that the supervision and governance of the Indiana University Hospitals would be better conducted if the Hospital Committee were given the power to exercise the full authority of this Board when the Hospital Committee believes it is necessary or convenient so to act; and

WHEREAS, The statutes of the State of Indiana, which create this Board and confer its authority, specifically permit it to delegate all or any of its authority and power to any person or committee it may choose,


There is hereby delegated to the Hospital Committee of the Board the power and authority to govern, supervise, regulate and control the Indiana University Hospitals and to act as the governing board of such hospitals; such authority to include, but not by way of limitation, authority over selection of staff, approval of regulations and bylaws, the action required (if any) with respect to the disciplinary measures relating to staff, the adoption of rates and charges and the negotiation and approval of contracts;

Provided, that the Hospital Committee shall not have authority over the purchase, sale or lease or other transactions involving construction or real estate, or over matters involving the approval or issue of notes, bonds or other indebtedness relating to said Hospitals;

Provided, ALSO, that the authority hereby delegated may be revoked and superseded by this Board at its convenience and by any resolution relating to the Indiana University Hospitals which may be adopted by this Board hereafter.

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.