Full-Time Appointed Positions

September 18, 1998

WHEREAS, Indiana University currently provides Full-Time Appointed Staff and Academic employees with personnel policies for respective groups and a comprehensive benefits program.

WHEREAS, Indiana University believes that all employees performing services on a full-time basis should have the same rights as other respective employees and should be provided the same benefits program coverages provided to other full-time employees performing similar responsibilities.

WHEREAS, Indiana University believes that Hourly employees are individuals hired to perform services of a temporary nature, and that these “temporary” assignments should not result in an individual performing full-time services, as compared to other individuals performing similar responsibilities, unless that employee is provided all the rights as other full-time employees. (“Full-time” is currently defined as 100% FTE or 40 hours per week for 9 months or more.)


The Trustees of Indiana University intend that all employees who are performing Full-time services should be treated in a consistent manner, with the personnel policies and benefits program coverages provided to other individuals performing similar responsibilities.

When there is an official need for a position to provide services on a Full-time basis, that position shall be established as an Appointed position, with the rights and privileges of other similar Appointed positions. This policy shall apply to Indiana University employees, including Staff, Academic and other employment categories; except that this policy shall not apply to individuals with IRS-qualified student status.

In the case of all employee categories, the term “position” shall mean assignments or services performed within the same University-designated organizational department; and the reference to “Full-time” shall mean the same amount of hours worked as any other individual in a Full-time Appointed position, taking in to account that such individuals receive paid time-off during each year. (Currently, “full-time” hours worked, as related to this resolution, equals 1,930 hours or more during a fiscal year.)

The above Indiana University policy is effective with beginning of the 1999/2000 fiscal year. Unanimously approved on motion duly made and seconded.