University Records

Access to University Records

August 2, 1983

Approval of the Board was requested for a resolution regarding access to University records:

WHEREAS, in its 1983 Session, the General Assembly added to the Indiana Code a new chapter, designated 5-14-3, concerning Access to Public Records; and

WHEREAS, the new Access to Public Records law gives public agencies discretion to adopt policies concerning such matters as access to, procedures and fees concerning the inspection and copying of public records, RESOLVED:

  1. That all discretion and authority vested by such law in Indiana University and in this Board are delegated to the President of the University;
  2. That the President of the University is directed and authorized to adopt such policies and to delegate to others such authority as may be convenient and in the best interests of this Board and of the University to enable the several campuses and offices of each to comply with the Access to Public Records law.

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.