Delegation of Authority

Delegation of Authority

Adopted September 11, 1987

WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees (the “Board”) of Indiana University (the “University”) has the authority, duty and responsibility to establish, and amend from time to time, the policies of the University and the President of the University has the duty, responsibility and authority to manage and administer the University in accordance with such Board policies, the authority delegated to the President by the Board and all applicable law,

WHEREAS, the President, as the educational leader of the University, has the further responsibility of presenting to the Board recommended policies of the University for consideration and action by the Board and at all times attempts to keep the Board appropriately advised,

WHEREAS, the Board has determined it should focus its primary attention on substantial policy issues of the University, presented to the Board by the President, members of the Board and others,

WHEREAS, for the Board to give full consideration to policies that are of a substantial and continuing value to the University, it is desirable that the President should be delegated explicit authority by the Board to manage, and administer the University and establish routine administrative procedures of the University, and

WHEREAS, it is desirable that such authority be formally delegated to the President:

Now, therefore, be it:

  1. RESOLVED, that the Board hereby delegates to the President the authority of the Board, as permitted by Indiana Code 20-12-1-4. The Authority so delegated shall include that conferred by the Indiana Code 20-12-23-2 (general powers of the Board conferred by the 1852 statute as amended), Indiana Code 20-12-1 (powers and duties of the Board as enumerated in the 1969 statute) and other authority granted to the Board by other statutes or implied thereby, but subject to the exceptions and conditions stated in this Resolution.
  2. FURTHER RESOLVED, that the following exceptions limit the delegation of authority hereby granted the President and will continue to be accomplished by Board action:
    1. The organization of the Board and selection of its officers and committees;
    2. Appointment to membership upon corporate boards specifically providing for Indiana University representation, or to boards of advisors or visitors;
    3. Adoption of any Resolution of the Board specifically required by statute (such as upon the sale of surplus real property), and of bond Resolutions;
    4. Appointment to positions as University officers, deans of schools, and titled professors; appointment and promotion to tenured faculty positions;
    5. Approval of programs and other transactions of the University that require approval of the Higher Education Commission, Governor, or State Budget Agency;
    6. Adoption of a budget for the University, or of an appropriation request;
    7. Statutory processing of conflict of interest disclosure statements; and
    8. Such other matters as the board may from time to time adopt.
  3. FURTHER RESOLVED, that the President is granted such authority by the Board to develop documents, execute contracts and agreements in behalf of the University or authorize others to do so in his stead, and promulgate and distribute notification of policies and to perform such other acts reasonably necessary and convenient to fulfill the purposes of this Resolution.
  4. FURTHER RESOLVED, that the President shall, and cause others to, manage and administer the University in accordance with the policies and resolutions adopted by the Board and all applicable laws and keep the Board appropriately advised.
  5. FURTHER RESOLVED, that this Resolution may be amended from time to time by the Board.
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