About Trustee Arnold

  • Year appointed: 2017
  • Current term: 2017–19
  • Residence: Hamilton County

Trustee Arnold earned his B.S. from IU Bloomington in May 2016 with majors in biology and neuroscience. He is currently a medical student studying on the Muncie regional campus of the IU School of Medicine.

He currently serves on the IUSM Medical Student Council and is a liaison between students and campus faculty and staff. During his undergraduate career, he was vice president of the IU Student Foundation steering committee, was the vice president of communications and social chairman of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, volunteered as a child mentor at Templeton Elementary School in Bloomington, and became a certified autism mentor in the Hutton Honors College Autism Mentoring Program.

Trustee Arnold was a clinical research assistant in the IU Department of Psychiatry, held the position of laboratory technician analyst, and was a teaching assistant in biology at IU Bloomington.