Charter and Resolutions of the All University Student Association

Article V: Amendments to the Charter

Section I: Amendments
  1. Amendments to this charter must be submitted in writing to the principal office of the AUSA no later than twenty (20) days in advance of the regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors at which they are to be considered.
Section II: Adoption of Amendments
  1. Amendments receiving two-thirds (2/3) approval of the Board of Directors shall be sent to the student legislature of each member campus of the AUSA.
  2. Amendments shall become effective upon approval by two-thirds (2/3) of the student legislatures of the member campuses.
  3. Amendments failing to receive two-thirds (2/3) vote of either the Board of Directors or the student legislatures of the member campuses, shall be considered null and void. Such amendments may be reintroduced by the procedures outlined in Article V, Section I.