Charter and Resolutions of the All University Student Association

Article II: Purposes and Limitations

Section I: Purposes

This organization shall:

  1. Provide a forum for the discussion of university-wide issues which affect the student environments, academics, issues and/or populations.
  2. Exist as a mechanism by which issues of concern of the Student Body of Indiana University are expressed to the University Administration, the Board of Trustees, the University Faculty Council, the Governor, the General Assembly, and to other such governmental and private agencies as shall be deemed necessary to effect this purpose.
  3. Serve as the liaison between the student governments on campuses of Indiana University.
  4. Promote and encourage the interchange of information, programs, and services offered by other student governments and organizations to better serve the student body of Indiana University.
  5. Coordinate the appointment and selection of students to university-wide committees, councils, and other boards which consider and develop university-wide policy.
Section II: Limitations
  1. The AUSA, in fulfilling Section I, shall not interfere with the right of any student government association to pursue its interests independently of the AUSA, or to make its position known when it disagrees with the position adopted by the AUSA.