Policies & Resolutions

The Office of the Executive Vice President for University Academic Affairs oversees the drafting, approval, and dissemination of university policies on topics from risk management, licensing and trademark, and affirmative action, to intellectual property and whistleblowing.

For a complete list of policies authorized by the Board of Trustees, visit the University Policies website. Board resolutions are listed below.

  • Policy Authorization Resolutions

    Title Date
    University-Related Legal Entities




    Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Policy                                      

    reaffirmed 1/31/2003
    amended 10/10/2014

    1992 Minutes
    2003 Minutes
    2014 Minutes


  • Action Authorization Resolutions

    Title Date
    Resolution to Establish an Engineering Program and
    Engineering Degrees
    4/17/2015 Minutes PDF
    Resolution for The Indiana University Bicentennial Strategic
    12/5/2014 Minutes PDF
    Indiana University's Commitment to Student Welfare 4/11/2014 Minutes PDF
    Police Power to Designated Officers (4/24/1971) & Authority
    of Indiana University Police to Serve Civil Process (8/2/1983)
    updated 12/5/2013
    Minutes     PDF
    Authorization for the Facilities Committee of the Trustees
    to Approve Certain Projects and Easements on Behalf
    of the Trustees
    12/7/2007 Minutes PDF
    Authorization for the Creation of a Trustee Professorship 5/4/2001 Minutes PDF
    Observing the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday 1/24/1997 Minutes PDF
    Mission and Role of the University 1/19/1994 Minutes PDF
    Resolution Concerning Flexible Benefits Plan 3/8/1986 Minutes PDF
    Access to University Records 8/2/1983 Minutes PDF
  • Continuing Resolutions

    Title Date
    Conflict of Interest Procedures updated 8/14/2015 Minutes PDF
    Public Art Policy updated 2/14/2014 Minutes PDF
    Indemnification Resolution updated 2/14/2014 Minutes PDF
    Eminent Domain updated 12/5/2013 1988 Minutes
    2013 Minutes
    International Agreements updated 12/5/2013 1987 Minutes
    2013 Minutes
    Re-Purchase Agreements updated 12/5/2013 1985 Minutes
    2013 Minutes
    IU Police Jurisdiction 10/14/2011 Minutes PDF
    Adoption of Indiana University’s Identity Theft Prevention Program 2/19/2009 Minutes PDF
    Endorsing a University-Wide Integrated Image Strategy 6/9/2006 Minutes PDF
    Ratifying the Current Structural Relationship Between the
    President of theIndiana University Foundation and
    the President of Indiana University
    12/8/2006 Minutes PDF
    Reaffirming the Fiduciary Responsibility of the Indiana
    University Foundation Board of Directors
    4/1/2005 Minutes PDF
    Transfer Investment Management of Certain Endowed Funds
    to the Riley Memorial Association (“RMA”)
    1/25/2002 Minutes PDF
    Leadership, Responsibility, and Security of IU’s
    Information Technology Infrastructure
    5/4/2001 Minutes PDF
    Alumni Resolution 10/29/1999 Minutes PDF
    Full-Time Appointed Positions 9/18/1998 Minutes PDF
    Standing Resolution Approving Continuation of University
    Operations and Expenditures
    6/26/1993 Minutes PDF
    Conditions for Cooperation Between Employee Organizations and
    Administration of Indiana University
    6/5/1993 Minutes PDF
    Powers of Treasurer 6/20/1991 Minutes PDF
    Contracting with the Indiana University Foundation 6/24/1989 Minutes PDF
    Indiana University Hospitals 11/6/1987 Minutes PDF
    Authority of the President of Indiana University 9/11/1987 Minutes PDF
    Role and Responsibility of IU Foundation in Relation to Gifts for IU 5/6/1983 Minutes PDF